Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend this year! I was so excited for L's first Easter, and this weekend was filled with so much joy and happiness.

We started out the weekend celebrating L's half birthday. We took her to the park, where she got to swing for the first time.

 My mom came up that afternoon to spend Easter weekend with us. We don't get to see her very often, so we love when she gets to come visit!

We went to church Easter morning, and it was one of the best services we've ever attended. God was certainly present, moving in our hearts throughout the entire service.

After church we made Easter dinner, and our Easter treat this year was rice krispy Easter eggs.

I'm so obsessed with how they turned out.

We ended our day with opening Easter baskets. L got one from us, my parents, and K's parents.

L put everything in her mouth, so I think she loved everything. ;)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We live because He lives!!

xoxo, Brandi

half birthday babe

Say what? It’s my little babe’s half birthday already?! I swear I only blinked for a second.

We’ve had so many new changes this month. It’s been a whirlwind.

the numbers: Weight is around 12.9. She wears size two diapers and we are still in 3 month clothes, but I have a feeling we are going to transition very soon to the next size up.

Right now her favorite toy is her baby banana. She likes to shake rattles + grab everything around her.
She loves seeing anything and everything. We usually try to get out of the house at least once a day, whether it’s to the store or for a walk because L loves to check everything out. 
She still loves to eat. We have begun experimenting with solids. Other than solids, we are still exclusively nursing, and I am so grateful for that.
We sat in the cart for this first time this month, but she didn’t much care for it yet.
Some days she really wants to be in her carrier, other day she doesn’t want to be in it at all. 
I love the huge smile she gives me when I go pick her up after naps/in the morning.
She has one heck of a personality that comes through more and more every months. She is so much fun, and she’s has a very bold personality at the moment.
But at the same time, she’s very shy. Always wants momma or daddy. When she’s really upset, momma is the only one that’ll do.
We are still having belly problems, but we are working on fixing those every day.
She sleeps with her arms out of the swaddle at night, but is still swaddled during nap time.
She loves to hear the sound of her voice, and she talks all the time.
She is still not a fan of tummy time, but I think it’s more because it hurts her belly. Same goes for sitting. Usually she either wants held or wants to lay on her back, sometimes she’s good in the swing, too.
Her laugh is contagious, and it’s the cutest thing my ears have ever heard. She laughs and smiles about many things these days, too many to name off.
Bath time is so much fun now, as she splashes and giggles when the water goes crazy.
She loves the dog. She thinks the dog is the funniest thing ever.
She’s not as interested in the cat, and I think the feeling is mutual.
She likes to be outside, unless it’s windy or the sun is in her eyes.
She gives her daddy the biggest smile when he comes home.
She likes to run her fingers through her momma’s hair, and she thinks it’s hilarious when my hair is in a bun on top of my head.
She likes to be kept busy, and gets bored quickly.
She doesn’t like to sit still.
She would rather stand than sit, and I swear we are going to have a walker before a crawler.
She can roll from back to belly, and belly to back. But she doesn’t like doing either.
She still doesn’t like to nap, but we are getting better with them.
We have a bedtime routine that her momma loves as much as she does.
She laughs and gives big smiles when her momma or daddy sings to her, and she loves listening to daddy play guitar.

I’ve covered so much, yet so little of my sweet baby. I'm sure I'm forgetting at least 50 things.
I could go on, and on, and on about the joy that she brings to our lives. We never knew there was a part missing, until Jesus gave us her.

I love you so very much, my little baby of mine.
Happy half birthday.

xoxo, momma.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

what's in the easter basket

I am so excited for Easter. I’m also just as excited for L’s first Easter as I was her first Christmas. It’s one of my favorite holidays!

Even though L will have absolutely no idea what is going on when I had her her Easter basket, I still wanted to put one together for her. I think she’ll enjoy most of it, especially the teething toys. Gotta love teething.

Easter basket. I half way DIYed her Easter basket. I bought the metal basket at Meijer, and then bought a big pink sparkly bow for the handle (you can’t see it in this picture, unfortunately), and then I bought pink glitter letters and stuck her name on. I think it’s pretty cute for a half way DIY.

books. Easter is more than just bunnies, pastels, and eggs for us. It’s all about Jesus and the day He rose. I’m going to make a huge effort every Easter to make it all about Him, and since L is still too little to understand it, I got her a book that she can stare at/chew on/hold on to until she’s old enough to read it. :) I also grabbed her a hard book that has different Easter objects that she can “touch and feel”. + probably chew on because what doesn’t she chew on these days.

teething toys: the teething right now. oh. my. gosh. She’s been working on her first tooth since she was ten. weeks. old. Any day now!

faux leather bow clip: this is the cutest little clip. She has so much hair that we almost need a clip to keep it out of her eyes. Until then, I may or may not use it for my own hair…

headband: we are all about the headbands. Well, I am. L could really not care less. If only she knew how adorable she looks in them. ;)

pacifier clip. I started making these for L a little while ago when she was constantly dropping her pacifier on the ground. I then started selling them in my shop after I had a couple people asking about them. I made this custom one for her in a customer color that I’m not able to get anymore, special just for her. :)

{And with His wounds, we are healed. - Isaiah 53:4-5.}

xoxo, Brandi

Saturday, March 19, 2016

little eats | peanut butter oatmeal muffins

I am always on the look out for easy, healthy, and delicious snacks to munch on throughout the day. I recently have started making my own because 1) because it's nearly impossible to find dairy free snacks in the store, and 2) it's so much cheaper.

Muffins are great because they are delicious and I can grab one and stuff it in my mouth while juggling a baby in my other arm. 

I came up with this recipe as a dairy free version, but you can use regular milk, peanut butter, etc. for this recipe and it’ll turn out just as great!

You could add chocolate chips/nuts/whatever you want that day as well!

Printable Recipe


4 cups old fashioned rolled oats
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp softened peanut butter
2 cups almond milk (or whatever milk you drink)
1 egg
1 tbsp sugar
shredded coconut to taste (optional)
honey to taste (optional)


-Preheat your oven to 375 F. Line your muffin tin or spray with some sort of non stick spray (I used PAM).

-Mix together oats, baking powder,  and salt in a large bowl. Mix together softened peanut butter, almond milk, sugar, and egg. Mix small bowl ingredients in with big bowl ingredients. Stir well to combine.

-Fill each muffin about half way to 3/4. If you want to have the shredded coconut, sprinkle the amount you want on each muffin now. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown (watch the shredded coconut if you added it).

-Let cool and remove. Seal in an air tight container for around a week. We drizzle honey on top of ours before eating. :)

Makes around 12-15 muffins, depending on how much mixture you put in the muffin space.

xoxo, Brandi

This post was written for The Vintage Honey Shop.

Friday, March 18, 2016

five on friday

Has this week been super odd for any of you with the time change? I didn't feel like the hour would make that big of a difference...but it did. Like a lot. In good and bad ways. But I am super excited that the weekend is here!

five on friday

o n e 

Little miss sat in a cart for the very first time this week! She's still pretty unsure about it. It only lasted a few minutes before she wanted momma to carry her again. But it was cute while it lasted!

This cart cover that we use is a multi-use cover (breastfeeding cover, cart cover, car seat cover) and we love it! It's so soft and versatile (+ cute!).

t w o

I don't share much about my fitness journey, mainly because it's out of my comfort zone to share. But- I did go down one jean size this week! I don't weigh myself because it gives me too much anxiety, but I can tell that I have lost some inches! Yay!

t h r e e

L and I got our Easter dresses this week, + y'all, I'm so excited. They match perfectly and I can't wait to see how pretty L looks on Easter.

f o u r

We had L's follow up GI appointment + praise God, it's the first time in a really long time that we got more good news that bad! They are doing a belly ultrasound next week to check for anything that's not supposed to be there or anything not working right. They also changed her medicine, and gave her some new meds for belly spasms. She's gaining weight so well all of a sudden (hallelujah!) that they aren't worried anymore. She's up to the 7th percentile, which is the first time she's been above 1%! They actually want her to start solids as soon as she turns 6 months to help with various belly issues, so we will be starting very, very soon.

f i v e

We got our LilleBaby carrier this week! It was a ton more confusing that I thought it was going to be. It took K + I about an hour to figure it all out and actually get in on my body. L wasn't a fan the first time she went in it, and we tried it again and she was so so. Hopefully we get the hang of it, otherwise we will have to save it for later!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, Brandi

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

easter decorations

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays. My mom always did, almost every holiday, and it was a huge deal in our house. It was a special thing for my mom + I, too. It was "our thing". I hope one day to share that with L, but in the mean time, I'll just keep doing it on my own. ;)

Easter is in my top holidays to decorate for. I love all the pastels, glitter, and little bunnies and lambs. We also maintain a strong focus to what Easter is all about while decorating + celebrating Easter: Jesus. I want L to always know that that's why we celebrate Easter, and the extra Easter traditions are just that: extra.

We have since moved since I last decorated for Easter, so they are a bit scarce this year. But I focused them in the main spot in the house (our living room).

I got most of our decor at Target in the dollar section (surprise, surprise).

This little bunny used to be mine, and my mom gave it to me, and one day I'll give it to L.

This decoration = Easter egg jenga. For real.

I told you guys I like my glitter. Hubby... not so much.

I love changing our chalkboard to match the seasons. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it's so fun.

I found these prints here and here. They were just too cute not to use this year.

That's about it, minus a few little details here and there. We are also missing a wreath this year. Ours from last year decided it didn't want to make the journey with us during the move.

Do you decorate for Easter? What's your favorite decoration?

{As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives. - Job 19:25}

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, March 11, 2016

five on friday

This week has been one heck of a ride.

I landed myself in the hospital early this week and have been on the mend since. L has had some kind of stomach thing going on all week, poor thing. + on top of all of that, hubs has been working so much this week. Normally I would be "FRIYAY" but hubs has to work all weekend too, so it's more of a "okay it's Friday". Haha.

five on friday

o n e

I ordered my very first Lillebaby carrier this week and I'm so excited to get it. I wear L alllll of the time, so I can't wait to try it out!

t w o

It has been such a beautiful week in terms of weather. It's been like spring all week + we have been loving it. Before the hospital trip, we got to go outside a few times + we enjoyed the fresh air!

t h r e e

This week was my first official week representing Darling Dreamers as a brand rep! I support all the small shops, haha, this one included! They have the cutest tops, and they are so comfy! You must grab yourself one. Or ten.

f o u r

I decorated for Easter this week! I love love love decorating for the holidays. My top three to decorate for are Halloween/Fall, Christmas, and Easter. My momma always decorated for the majority of holidays, and I think it was just something that passed down. Do you decorate for the holidays? What are your favorites to decorate for?

f i v e 

I got pooped on three times this week. Some of you are probably saying "ew" but hey, that's #momlife for you, and my week wouldn't have been complete without it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Brandi

Monday, March 7, 2016

new on the shop lately | #LSBBL

I've listed so many new + exciting things on my shop lately, + I'm working on adding even more soon!

I think these are my favorite of my recents. They are just so cute, and I love all the pastel colors! Perfect for an Easter basket. :)

St. Patrick's Day is so close to Easter this year! I added these newborn photo prop sets for this season as well. I can't get over how tiny and cute they are!

Couldn't forget a St. Patty's Day cozy!

Last but not least, the Creamy Cinched Headband. This head band is soo soft, + perfect for any hair day!

You can check out my shop here, my shop's Facebook here, and my shop's Instagram here. I do sales + giveaways often on those two pages. :)

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, March 4, 2016

five on friday

Oh man, am I glad to see you, Friday.

This week has been, well, insane. All three of us caught the flu on Monday. It unfortunately wasn't one of those 24 hour things- it was more like a 168 hour thing. K had to call off two days this week, L had to go to the doctor- we were all a mess. Thankfully we are starting to feel a bit more human, but I'll be glad when we are fully human again.

five on friday

o n e

L sat up all by herself yesterday! She's not a super huge fan, I think because it hurts her belly. But she will go for about 10 minutes or so before she wants picked up. Either way, yay!

t w o

We've been loving our Moby wrap this week. L is a "hold me" baby by trade, but when she's sick, there is no such thing as putting her down. This carrier has made it so much easier this week because it held her close to me, it was comfy for both her + I, and we were able to do skin-to-skin in it to help get her fever down.

t h r e e

I had some friends recommend this seat to us a couple weeks ago, + we went ahead + bought it- so glad we did! L loves it so much, + it's adorable.

f o u r

We are those people who lovelovelovelove Harry Potter. It's #HarryPotterWeekend on Freeform (used to be called ABC Family, no idea why they changed it). So we have super awesome plans of sitting on the couch indulging in Harry Potter for the 846328 time. :)

f i v e 

I've talked about The Vintage Honey Shop necklaces before here, + I recently became a blog contributor for their blog! My mom bod post was featured on their blog last week, which was then featured on Breastfeeding Mama Talk! It reached over 137,000 people! whoop whoop!
{ps: you can find this cozy on my Etsy shop!}

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Brandi