Thursday, January 14, 2016

you know you're a mom when...

Being a mom is the most wonderful, crazy, busy, loving, demanding, and beautiful job in the world. If you're a mom, you know all too well about some of the things I'm about to list. 

Ten ways to know you're a mom:

1) You leave with half the house in the diaper bag. Need a wipe? I have 50. Need a diaper? I have 10. Need a sandwich? I probably have one of those, too.

2) You know all too well about sitting in the car after your baby fell asleep during the ride. Can I take a nap in the car, too?

3) You've made up a song about poop. Or ten.

4) Bodily fluids don't bother you anymore. This one doesn't need explanation. 

5) You are always trying to find the other sock. Don't worry, there's probably another in the magical diaper bag.

6) Your child has more clothes than you do. But they probably spit up on them a lot more than you do.

7) Your hair is in a permanent bun. You know, like you take out the hair tie and your hair is still sitting on top of your head. Magic trick!

8) Your five minutes shower is basically a vacation to the Bahamas. Just turn the water to hot. Almost the same thing. Sort of.

9) You do something you told yourself you wouldn't before you became a mom. Whatever it is, we forgive you.

10) You literally feel like your heart could burst out of your chest with love. Now this one, my momma friends, is one I'm sure we can all relate to.

{Mothers hold their child's hand for a moment, but their hearts for a lifetime.}

xoxo, Brandi

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