Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Vintage Honey Shop Necklaces

I was seriously so excited when The Vintage Honey Shop picked me to write a blog post about their necklaces. I might have literally jumped for joy. Okay, I did. But after you read this, you won't blame me. I have been completely obsessed with them since the moment I found their site. I'm sure I will own one of their necklaces to go with every outfit in the near future.

Here are my top 8 reasons why I love The Vintage Honey Shop necklaces:

They are absolutely beautiful. Really though, look at this necklace. And they have a ton more just like them on their site! There hasn't been one yet that I've said, "Oh, ew." But I have said "OH MY GOSH HOW CUTE" to almost every single one of them.

You can wear necklaces again. I very soon realized after having a baby that necklaces are a thing of the past. One little baby hand tug can break even the strongest of chains...unless you wear one of these. Those babe's can pull all they want, these beauties aren't going anywhere.

You can wear them for nursing. I absolutely love nursing my daughter. But when she scratches, pinches, and pulls on me, it can hurt. But, when I wear my necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop, she has something to hold on to that isn't my skin, hair, face, or a random body part that she can reach.

It keeps the "mover babies" at bay while nursing. L just loves to move around when she nurses. She wants to see anything and everything. Howeverrrr, she also loves to stay latched when she moves that head around. Ouch. But when I wear my necklace, she stares at it and stays content while nursing.

You can wear them while baby wearing. I love to wear ours while I'm wearing L. She has something to stare, play, pull, tug, and/or chew on while she's in her safe place.

They can be used as teething necklaces. The Vintage Honey Shop makes some of their necklaces with safe wood rings for those babe's that have sore, teething gums. It's handy to have it right around my neck for her to grab when she wants to chew, versus having to find the random teething toy that's probably under the couch playing with the dust bunnies.

They have a ton of different varieties of necklaces. You can get them with the teething ringwithout the teething ring, ones made from silicone, and they even have one for dad's! Whatever your style, you're sure to find it on their site.

Are you hooked yet?! How about I give you one more reason to love The Vintage Honey Shop, just in case? ;)

The Vintage Honey Shop is giving you a discount on their site just for reading this blog post!  You can use the code VHSHARE on any order to save 15%! You may now jump for joy.

I could talk about these necklaces all. day. long. But I will end my fan-girling here and let you find out for yourself just how wonderful these necklaces are. :)

You can find The Vintage Honey Shop on their site:, as well as their social media accounts:

Their blog:
Instagram: @thevintagehoneyshop
Their email:

{Disclaimer: I was given a necklace to review for this blog post. I have two featured in my photos because I bought one, and then was given one, so I decided to feature both ('cause I love them so much). However, my opinions are 100% my own. I was in no way paid or influenced for my opinions. I just really love their necklaces. ;)}

{"Mama Bear" shirt was lovingly purchased from Descriptive Apparel.}

xoxo, Brandi

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