Friday, January 1, 2016

L | three months!

L turned 3 months old on December 26!

Weight: 9 pounds 8 ounces. (She was a preemie.)

Wears: Almost 0-3 months clothes, size newborn diapers.

Teeth: 0 but I'm working on a couple!

Loves: playing with toys with mommy and daddy, tickles on her nose and belly, getting her diaper changed (even though she used to hate it), warm baths, music, being worn by mommy (& sometimes daddy), eating, crinkle noises, water noises, bumpy roads during car rides, the puppy, story time with mommy, being held and rocked/bounced/walked, going on walks, and the Christmas tree/lights.

Dislikes: getting dressed, nap time (#boycottallthenaps), when her bath gets chilly, when someone puts a hat on her head, when her belly hurts, when mommy isn't in the room.

Able to: roll on her side (she's working on the belly), lift her head up and keep it up for a long time, grasp onto things she wants, "examine" her toys (as mommy calls it), squeal, coo/"talk" all the time, smile the biggest of smiles, and giggle/laugh.

{You are living proof that God answers prayers.}

xoxo, Brandi

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