Wednesday, June 27, 2018

saying goodbye to Littles and Life

I wrote my first blog post in October 2015. 

I was a new mom just bursting at the seams with words, needing a space that I could write. I didn't write to make money or become famous. I wrote because it's what I felt I needed to do.

So much has changed since then except for one thing: I write because I need to, want to, and feel called to.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my announcement that I wrote a book! It's a huge milestone for me, one that I've been dreaming of since elementary school. But with that joyous announcement comes a bit of sorrow as my writing graduates blogging and moves on to writing novels.

This blog has been a lot for me. I needed this blog in many ways and I've cherished every second. But as I move into this new season of life, I feel called to leave my blog graciously behind as my writing moves forward. So, I'm saying goodbye to Littles and Life, at least for now.

To each and every one of you who have read my blog these past three years: thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've loved meeting you, getting to know you, and doing life with you. I'm so thankful for all this little space on the internet has brought me.

As much as this post saddens me to write, I'm so, so excited for the future! And don't worry...I'm not permanently leaving the internet. ;) You can now find me at for updates on my book, release dates, and anything else that happens to be on my heart that day.

Also, this blog will still be here anytime you want or need to see a post that you pinned. :)

With a tearful hooray: see you soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

a better way to shop for toys with ToonStyle

[I was compensated for this review of ToonStyle. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.]

Lilli's current favorite group of characters is Paw Patrol, most specifically, Skye.

Her love is strong for these Paw Patrol characters, so strong that when given the choice between a Paw Patrol sticker set and a Minnie Mouse sticker set, she chose the Paw Patrol set.

If you knew how much Lilli used to love Minnie Mouse (so much that her second birthday party was Minnie themed), then you'd think I was lying about how much she loves Paw Patrol.

The funniest part is...she's never seen a Paw Patrol show.

Where did her love stem from, you ask?

A toy.

A few months ago, we went to a friend's birthday party that was Paw Patrol themed. They had a game where they won little Paw Patrol characters. Lilli won Rocky. Her collection has since grown to almost all the Paw Patrol characters, and she plays with them in her dollhouse every day.

I'm really picky when it comes to buying toys. I don't want to drown in a puddle of unused toys - you feel me, mamas? When ToonStyle reached out to me to review their website, I knew I had found a little bit of gold on the internet.

ToonStyle is almost like a search engine for toys.

You just click on the character or group you're looking for, pick out a toy, and reap the benefits of spending hours searching for toys.

What I love about ToonStyle: 

  • Their characters range from kid to adult.
  • Their products are detailed and informational.
  • There is a vast amount of products to choose from.
  • The toys are unique.
  • Their website is easy to navigate.
  • Their blog is interesting and fun to read.

Overall, I'd give the website 4/5 stars! I definitely see myself using it in the future to search for more Paw Patrol toys (or Lilli's newest obsession). How about you? What do you think about ToonStyle? See their website HERE.

Talk soon,

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

hanging plate wall tutorial

[ special note: This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions and thoughts are my own, all of the time. By purchasing products through these links, I may receive a small commission, however, your cost for the item does not change. I hope you'll continue to visit Littles and Life! ] 

Can we talk about happiness for a minute?

What is it made of? Where do we find it? How do we keep it?

I think everyone's answers are different, but here's mine:

Happiness is made out of what we allow it to be made of. We usually find it where we aren't looking. We hold on to it by letting go of what doesn't make us joyful.

Something that is definitely making me happy: my (finally) finished hanging plate wall, complete with my wooden sign from Ebenezer Market.

This idea originally stemmed when I found some vintage plates while we were antiquing for only 0.20 cents each (they are the bright blue smaller plates)! I definitely could not pass that up, but I had no clue what to do with them once we got them home.

I looked up ideas on Pinterest and came across a neat photo where plates were hung on a wall in a pretty design, and I thought, "I can do that!"

Then I sat down and thought, "Wait - how can I do that?"

I was really hesitant to hang these gorgeous plates on the wall. I didn't so much care about the others that I found while thrifting, but I really didn't want those vintage plates to fall on our hardwood floors and shatter (my heart).

But, I really loved the idea, so I tried it anyway.

And, so far, so good!

Knock on wood, I haven't had one plate fall, and the process was relatively easy.

dining room table from Little Lumber Co.

All of the instructions are on the plate hanger's package, but here's a few tips from my experience:

- Cut the hanger to fit the back of the plate. You should cut it down enough that it fits right in the back circle, but no smaller than that.

- Let it dry overnight like the directions say (also, follow. the. directions.).

- Make sure you measure your plate and order the right size hanger. The correct size makes all the difference.

By the way, THESE are the hangers I used.

What risky (but happy) project are you working on right now? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

Friday, June 15, 2018

five on friday

[ special note: This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions and thoughts are my own, all of the time. By purchasing products through these links, I may receive a small commission, however, your cost for the item does not change. I hope you'll continue to visit Littles and Life! ] 

Oh, Friday, I am so happy to see you! This has been an incredibly long week and I'm so happy to spend the weekend hanging out with my family. What are you up to this weekend? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

one || We partnered with Lucy Lockett Designs to take some photos of their Fourth of July line and we had so much fun doing a little patriotic photo shoot. It makes me so anxious to see Lilli this Independence Day!

You can see Rebecca's shop HERE.

two || I haven't had much time to blog lately because I've been busy at my new job. I was so nervous to jump back into the workforce since before I had Lilli, but God orchestrated it perfectly and I really love it. I'm on the computer most of the day and I've heard that blue-light blocking glasses really help with tension headaches from computers/phones. I've definitely noticed a difference since wearing them! Shop them HERE.

three || We've had so many sweet friends reach out to us and ask us for an update with our infertility journey. I posted an update HERE if you want to catch up.

four || Things have been moving so rapidly lately, but there's one thing that definitely isn't...potty training. Said in my best Maury voice: "You said you didn't need to pee. That puddle on the floor determined that was a lie." Ha. Lilli is staying in diapers for a while, but that's okay because I trust the diapers covering her booty. Happy Little Camper specializes in natural diapers and wipes and we love their company. So... I guess I'm okay with Lilli staying in diapers for now. :)

Shop their items HERE.

five || I have some huge news churning in terms of my writing career, but in the meantime, did you sign up for my self-care e-book? It's absolutely free when you sign up for my email list. Included in the e-book: 50 self-care ideas, 7 days of 15-minute self-care activity, and encouragement filled throughout the pages. You can sign up just to the right of this post in the little pink box! You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address is perfectly safe with me. :)

bonus || We recently added some cutting boards to our shop! We kept one for ourselves because we enjoy using it so much! See them HERE.

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, June 4, 2018

life lately + infertility update

"Lilli would make a great big sister. When are you going to have another?"

A question asked by our neighbor last weekend who knew nothing about our last year and a half of infertility. One who did not know about our recent loss. She was simply a sweet neighbor that didn't realize what she was really asking.

I really haven't been alright since.

Life has been...bittersweet...lately.

Ever since our miscarriage back in March, it feels as if Kyle and I can't really seem to grasp much of anything. We've been living life in sort of a limbo, trying not to touch the bar, but trying not to let it fall, either.

We're sad. We're really, really sad. I never understood how hard miscarriage could be, especially after waiting a year for the pregnancy, until we had one.

The miscarriage itself was devastating, but there's a lot I didn't realize that happened afterward. The crying when a pregnancy announcement pops up on my social media feed. The heartbreak when you read about someone else's loss. The heart-wrenching feeling when I see a pair of siblings on my newsfeed.

And then there are two friends who got pregnant the same week I did. The two women whose babies still live in their growing bellies, while mine lives in heaven. Don't get me wrong - I'm overjoyed for the new life growing inside of them. But as I watch their growing bellies, it kills me to look down at my own empty one.

We've started infertility treatments.

Loads of medication, testing, procedures, injections, and even a surgery this summer. I never really thought this would be our life.

But here we are.

There have been some people who have said, "I'm sure it'll all work out." and "You're still young! You've got plenty of time." and even, "You have Lilli. Isn't that enough?"

And I want to scream, "Of course she's enough! Even if she's all we'll ever have, she'll always be enough!"

But I grew up an only child. I grew up an only child on a street where we were the only house in the middle of nowhere. I grew up in a very small family. I spent many days alone.

I don't want Lilli to be alone.

God placed it on our hearts many, many months ago to have a second baby. To grow our family. To give Lilli someone to do life with.

It's still there.

But for the life of me, we're having the hardest time making it happen.

And it really, really stinks.

If it doesn't happen, then we'll know it's what God had planned for our family from the beginning. But I won't give up until we've tried everything and I know I did all I could do to bring another life into this world, to give Lilli a sibling, to settle this want in my heart.

I realize this post is a vomit of words. It gives you a glimpse into our everyday life of unknowns and "I hope so's" and "I don't know's".

Please pray for us. We aren't sure where God is leading us, but we know He's holding us each step of the way. We're so thankful for everyone that has supported us, prayed for us, and held us through even the hardest of times. We can't thank you enough.