Friday, April 20, 2018

five on friday

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Doesn't it always seem like the week before you take a vacation is really three weeks smashed into one? This week took foreverrrrr, but it's finally Friday! We made it.

→ one || Obviously the first thing on my list is our vacation. We're calling it our "break from reality" and it's so desperately needed. Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram!

→ two || Even though the weather up here has been so dreary and cold, my mind is already thinking ahead to spring and summer clothes! Lilli has outgrown almost all of hers from last year and I'm always keeping my eye out for good deals! Crazy 8 is currently having a 50% off sale of their markdowns! Spring and summer outfits as low as $2. Count me in! Shop the sale HERE.

→ three || Have you heard of those window privacy decals that seem to be all the rage right now? We have a small set of windows right next to our front door and I hate them. People can see straight into our house while standing at the front door and I'm not sure why that weirds me out, but it does. I had so many friends post about how much they loved these window privacy decals and I finally bit the bullet and bought some. Guys, I love them! Super affordable, easy to install, and they work great. It comes in a large roll and you cut them to size. Buy it HERE.

→ four || Speaking of spring and summer outfits, we had a huge response to Lilli's outfit that she wore for our collaboration with Janie and Jack! I want to link it for you guys before it's gone - which is almost the case! Bonus: it's on sale! See it HERE. (For reference: Lilli is wearing a 2T and it fits very true to size.)

→ five || Did you see my most recent post this week? I collected 29 Bible chapters that you can read in under an hour, and I created a checklist for you to follow as you read! See the post HERE.

Talk soon!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

29 bible chapters you can read in an hour or less (free checklist!)

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I’m in a really busy season of life right now. In addition to raising a two-year-old, I’m currently raising a blog, freelance writing on the side, working alongside my husband in his small business, serving at our church, and struggling with my female health.

Whew. I need another cup of coffee. How about you?


It’s way too easy during this season to go the whole day without cracking open my Bible, or even a devotional.

“I’m too busy right now; maybe later.”
“The dishes/laundry/cleaning needs to be done.”
“I’ll wait until everyone has gone to bed.”

Does God love me any less on these days? No. Do I struggle with accepting God’s love on these days? Absolutely.

I become frazzled, worried, even fearful because I haven’t taken the time to sit down and immerse myself in God’s love. It changes things, friends.

During my moments of busyness, I’ve compiled a list for you of every single Bible chapter that you can read in an hour or less. Don’t have an hour? Cut the chapter in half, or even in quarters. Read a single chapter a day, if that’s what works for you right now.

I've even made you a checklist to give yourself a tangible goal sheet. Scroll to the bottom to see it!

Most of all, give yourself grace. One day, you’ll have more time on your hands than you know what to do with it. And God will be right there waiting for you. Take it one day at a time.

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29 Bible chapters you can read in an hour or less:

(All page references are made according to ESV Bible version.)

Old Testament

Ruth. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
The Song of Solomon. 6 pages; 8 chapters.
Lamentations. 7 pages; 5 chapters.
Joel. 4 pages; 3 chapters.
Obadiah. 2 pages; 1 chapter.
Jonah. 2 pages; 4 chapters.
Micah. 6 pages; 7 chapters.
Nahum. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
Habakkuk. 3 pages; 3 chapters. 
Zephaniah. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
Haggai. 2 pages; 2 chapters.
Malachi. 3 pages; 4 chapters.

New Testament

Galatians. 4 pages; 6 chapters.
Ephesians. 4 pages; 6 chapters. (One of my favorites!)
Philippians. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
Colossians. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
1 Thessalonians. 3 pages; 5 chapters.
2 Thessalonians. 2 pages; 3 chapters.
1 Timothy. 4 pages; 6 chapters.
2 Timothy. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
Titus. 2 pages; 3 chapters.
Philemon. 1 page; 1 chapter.
James. 3 pages; 5 chapters. (Another fav!)
1 Peter. 4 pages; 4 chapters.
2 Peter. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
1 John. 4 pages; 5 chapters.
2 John. 1 page; 1 chapter. 
3 John. 1 page; 1 chapter.
Jude. 1 page; 1 chapter.

Just a note: I judged the "hour" mark based on my reading ability. Yours may differ from my own. :)

Here's your checklist! To print: Right click and click "Save Image As". Save the photo. Open the file and print. That's it!

Talk soon!

Ps...this tote from Tokyo Blossom is the perfect tote. It's thick and sturdy without being too heavy. We use it for every library trip! See it HERE.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

lilli's kitchen update

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

I've been pounding out one home project right after another lately and yet, somehow, my list is still 36 miles long. 😝

One area that I really wanted to finish was Lilli's kitchen. We got her this little kitchen set up for her birthday last year and she's obsessed with it. It sits in our kitchen and I wanted it to look like a legitimate kitchen since, you know, it's in our legitimate kitchen and such. 😉

There are still some things I want to add, but for now, it's crossed off my list.

Shopping links underneath photos!

Link to the kitchen HERE!

Link to our magnetic board HERE!
Link to our letter magnets HERE!

This basket originally came with a cloth insert and I like the basket better without it, but I'm thinking I might need to put it back in because the smaller food items keep falling out. 

Link to similar baskets HERE!
Link to our play food HERE! (115 pieces for $20? Yes, please!)

Fun fact: those cookbooks used to be mine when I was little! I'm also loving this Disney Princess Cookbook.

Link to kitchen pots and pans HERE!

I'm obsessed with these mini cooking accessories! My mother-in-law got these for Lilli, but I found the same ones on Amazon HERE!

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Talk soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

the stages of my relationship with God after my miscarriage

It’s hard losing a baby. It’s really hard losing a baby after waiting over a year for her. Praying for her. Yearning for her. Hoping for her.

Another post that might interest you: Our Journey with Secondary Infertility 

I had so many emotions during the weeks during and after my miscarriage, especially with God.
My relationship with God isn’t the same as it was a few months ago. It’s stronger, but it definitely didn’t start out that way.

You've heard of the stages of grief, right? 


My relationship with God went through stages after our miscarriage. I think the beginning stages were a bit accelerated because only a week after I had my surgery, it was Easter weekend. God gave me so much comfort during that weekend that as much as I wanted to hang on to my beginning stages, I was graciously forced to let go.

It went a bit like this:

Shock. I didn’t believe, couldn’t believe, this was happening. I didn't want to believe God had allowed this to happen. We had waited so long for this little soul and before we had a true chance to celebrate her, she was gone.

Anger. Once the numbness had worn off, the anger soon came. I yelled at God, angry at Him for being so cruel. Why would He make us wait so long, just to take her away? Why would he do this to us?

Distrust. This stage overlapped with Anger. How could I ever trust God again after He did this to us? I didn't feel like I could.

Silence. I quit talking to God for a few days. I gave Him the silent treatment. I’m not proud of it, but I did it. I was hurt, in pain, grieving, mourning. It didn’t make sense and it didn’t seem fair. I was heartbroken.

Loneliness. I had so many wonderful friends and family that reached out to us, brought us meals, prayed over us, checked in on us. Not to mention my wonderful husband who did everything in his power to help his family through this. But something was missing. Deep in the night when everyone was asleep but me, I felt a void in my heart, right next to the place that held my love for Linley.

Forgiveness. God didn’t need to be forgiven – not at all. But I needed to forgive the situation and give myself the grace to mourn. Because deep down I knew, nothing we went through was anything that didn’t go through God first. When I put aside my anger and hurt aside, I prayed one thing to God after I apologized for my absence:

“Why did You do this to us?”

And I heard so, so clearly (which almost never happens to me):

“I didn’t do this TO you. I did this FOR you.”

Dependence. I yearn for God’s presence. I yearn for His comfort and love. I long for His assurance that He hasn’t and won’t ever leave me, even in the most heartbreaking of times. Do I know why we went through this? Not really. Will I ever? Probably not while we’re on this earth. Do I trust Him anyway? Yes. Why? He sees the whole picture, like, the entire thing, while I only see the tiniest portion. It's obvious who is the better one to trust.

Having this dependence on God does not mean I still don't mourn. It doesn't mean I still don't cry without warning throughout the day. It doesn't mean I don't miss the child I never got to hold.

It means I'm aware that I can't go through this life alone. I can't do this life without Him, nor do I want to.

The best part of all of this: in all the days and weeks I was angry with Him, He hurt for me. He yearned for me. He waited for me. He loved me, still.

Why would I want anything but that?

→The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.←
Psalm 34:18

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Friday, March 30, 2018

home projects with Photowall

If you follow me on social media, then you know we've been going through a really rough time as a family. There are two ways I've always coped with the rough times in life: writing and projects.

Thanks to Photowall, I recently tackled this bare wall in our living room that has been driving me insane for the last year or so. I really had no idea how I wanted to decorate it until I received this beautiful canvas print from Photowall.



Kyle and I both were really impressed with the canvas we received from Photowall, especially how easy it was to put together. Instead of sending the canvas already put together, which would raise shipping costs dramatically and run the risk of damage during delivery,  Photowall safely rolls your canvas into a rectangular box and supplies you with DIY canvas structure.

It took us about 15 minutes from beginning to end and we are very impressed with the end result.

Photowall would like to give all of my lovely followers a 20% discount on their complete selection, including their wallpaper, with code BRANDILITTLE2018. The hardest part is choosing which one to order. 😉 Shop HERE.

Another post that might interest you: Lilli's Toddler Room Reveal

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Monday, March 19, 2018

yearning for spring with Janie and Jack

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope this post finds you in warm weather. There's currently snow on the ground in our neck of the woods but we had the greatest touch of spring taking photos of Lilli in her new outfit from Janie and Jack!

I've always loved the Janie and Jack brand. I love dressing Lilli in classy, cute, quality clothing. This outfit from Janie and Jack is all of this and more! The material is phenomenal - I know this jumpsuit is going to last until she grows out of it!

If you haven't heard of Janie and Jack, they're a children's clothing company that celebrates a lifestyle centered on family, tradition and special moments families share. They offer head to toe outfitting for a perfect luxury outfit. They carry dressy outfits as well as elevated casual wear. They offer size 0 months-6 years in stores and 0 months-12 years old online.

To shop Janie and Jack (including the entire outfit Lilli is wearing!), head on over to or to one of their many stores nationwide!

Ps...does she not look like Jane from the Tarzan movie?!

Find Lilli's jumpsuit HERE, her shoes HERE, her hat HERE and her sunglasses HERE. From our experience, all items fit true to size.

I'd love to know what your favorite Janie and Jack outfit is! Click over to Janie and Jack and let me know in a comment down below!

Fine print: I received this outfit for free, as well as a shop credit payment, in return for my full, honest opinion. As always, all the words I say on this blog are my honest thoughts.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

currently reading

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Welcome back to another currently reading series! I've been so busy with school and work that I haven't had much time to read so I only have four book reviews for you today. 🙁 But they are all really good reads so it balances out!

currently reading

Even Now by Karen Kingsbury || Karen Kingsbury is becoming one of my favorite authors - a close second to Nicholas Sparks. Even though I didn't love this book as much as her A Time to Dance series, I still really enjoyed it. It's about a young couple who gets pregnant while they are still in high school and through a dramatic turn of events - they end up separated, away from their baby. I can't say too much more about the book without giving away the ending, but the book travels through a series of events that show how God can make miracles happen, even when time seems to run out.

Overall, 4/5. Buy it HERE.

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks || I've read all of Nicholas Sparks' books, but for some reason, I didn't remember this book at all. The story revolves around two characters: the guy, who lost his wife in a tragic accident, and the woman, who is new to town. Without giving away too much, they start to fall in love but the hit-and-run accident gets in-between their relationship in a very dramatic way. It was very good and leaves you questioning until the very end. It's one of my favorites that he's written, even though I don't remember ever reading it, haha!

Overall, 5/5. Buy it HERE.

The Murder House by James Patterson || The title of the book makes it obvious - there's quite a bit of murder, blood, drama, etc. in this book. It is a little graphic, but my goodness, it was so good. One of the best books I've ever read! The very first chapter leaves you saying, "Wait, what?!" which is my favorite. This is surprisingly the first book I've read by Patterson but now I keep my eye out for his work anytime I'm book shopping.

Overall, 5/5. Buy it HERE.

The Brethren by John Grisham || Grisham is another well-known author that I have just begun to discover. I didn't like his book as much as I liked Patterson's, but it was still a great story. It's about a group of judges who are in prison for one crime or another, and they form a group and "judge" cases within the prison while participating in a hidden crime that leaves them both rich and in a sticky mess.

Overall, 4/5. Buy it HERE.

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See you in the next book!